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In addition to assistance and representation during police station interviews and representation in Magistrates', Crown and Youth Courts, our partners can help with Criminal Case Preparation, Advice on Evidence, Plea, Likely Result and Sentence; Defending CPS and Public Agency Prosecutions and Behaviour Order Applications e.g. Football; ASBO's; SHPO's; DVPO's as well as Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA): Restraint and Confiscation as well as Motoring and other Cases

We are a partnership of 3 established Criminal Law Defence Solicitors and Advocates: John Hughes, Dino Barricella and Craig Marchant - supported by solicitor Andrew Cleal and assisted by a team of front office administrative staff

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You can contact us now to find out more about our services. We will be able to tell you if the matter is likely to be covered by legal aid and help you find out if you are likely to qualify

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We offer 24 hour a day availability for Police Station and Investigation Centre cover through to advice and representation at court in all kinds of criminal matters. We're highly experienced, and with flexible appointment times, we're approachable and friendly too. See below and on our other pages for more detail.

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