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Police station advice and assistance

Criminal Law Defence Solicitor

Dino Barricella

 -  Attend police station interviews (upon arrest)

 -  Attend police station interviews (voluntary attendance)

 -  Private consultation prior to the interview

 -  Advice regarding the law and your rights

 -  Advice regarding police procedures

 -  Ensure the police abide by their Code of Practice

 -  Assistance with identification, bail and charging issues


If you are charged with an offence, our team can continue to represent you at the magistrates', crown or youth courts as applicable. We're also able to represent you at benefit fraud and other government agency interviews subject to means.

Our role, as criminal law defence solicitors, is to protect and advance your rights and seek to give you the best advice for your particular situation.

Our solicitors and advocates are experienced in all aspects of criminal law.

So you can be sure that

you will get the advice

and representation that

you need.

Detained at a police station?

You'll need the help of one of the criminal law solicitors from our firm of solicitors and advocates in Ipswich. We operate a 24 hour call out service for police station advice and offer quality advice and representation.

Criminal Law Defence Solicitor

John Hughes

We've many years of experience in giving advice at the police station in matters ranging from the most serious, such as murder,robbery and rape through to much less serious allegations.

Need help at the police station? Call

Police station advice

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Craig Marchant

Criminal Law Defence Solicitor

Or ask for us by name at the police station