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Criminal Law Defence Solicitor and partner

John Hughes

  -  Advice on evidence and pleas

  -  Advice on the likely outcome and resultant sentence

  -  Case / trial preparation

  -  Representation in court

  -  Defence for CPS and public agency prosecutions

  -  Legal aid representation

  -  Private client motoring offences, including speeding

If you are not entitled to legal aid assistance, we can represent your case on a private basis. Our fees are very reasonable, with no hidden charges, and are generally agreed in advance. We're also able to represent you should your case need to be heard in a Crown Court, or if you need assistance at a police station.

All cases begin in the Magistrates’ Court but they don't all end there. We can help guide you through the important procedures.  

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more about our private representation fees in the Magistrates' Court if you or the matter you face is not eligible for legal aid.

We think you will find them  reasonable competitive and transparent

Magistrates' Court representation

If you're in need of representation in a Magistrates' Court, Barricella Hughes Marchant Solicitors are able to help. We know our local courts and have many years of combined experience.

Dino Barricella

Based on your offence and your current financial circumstances, we're able to provide legal aid or private representation in the Magistrates' Court.

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No hidden fees

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Criminal Law Defence Solicitor and partner