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Crown Court representation in Ipswich

Partner and Solicitor Advocate (Criminal Courts)

Craig  Marchant

  -  Legal aid and private representation

  -  Case trial preparation and representation

  -  Advice on the evidence for your case

  -  Advice on how to plead

  -  Representation for fraud and financial crimes

  -  Sexual offences and serious crime prevention orders

  -  Strong links with barristers' chambers

Our committed team of criminal defence lawyers will assist you every step of the way during your case. We're also able to assist with appearances at the Magistrates' Court and with police interviews too.

Members of the Criminal Defence Service and Accredited Criminal Litigation.

If you do not quality for legal aid on account of your financial status, we offer very competitive rates for private representation in the Crown Court.

Representation in the Crown Court

Should your case need to be heard in the Crown Court, Barricella Hughes Marchant Solicitors can help. We're regularly instructed in some of the most serious criminal cases but offer advice and  representation in the Crown Court for all matters sent or committed for sentence and can advise and arrange representation for matters on appeal from the magistrates court

Dino Barricella

Partner Craig Marchant (assisted where necessary by Dino Barricella) runs the Crown Court department and will handle your case throughout for and with the assistance of carefully instructed barristers.

Give yourself the best chance with our Crown Court representation.

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Partner and Solicitor Advocate (Criminal Courts)